Heavyweight Boxer Deontay Wilder’s Four-Day Energy-and-Agility Exercise Program

Deontay Wilder is arguably one of the best heavyweight boxer on the planet. He’s but to lose outright within the boxing ring in over 43 profession matches, and he’s earned the popularity as a knockout artist by ending 41 of his wins with a KO. Not unhealthy for a man who solely began boxing on the age of 20.

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Identified by the nickname “The Bronze Bomber” for profitable a bronze medal on the 2008 Olympics, Wilder has electrified the heavyweight division along with his persona (and, sure, penchant for knockouts). A primary a part of why Wilder has been so profitable has been his concentrate on coaching and making ready for every match with excessive element. Wilder has labored with coach Joey Scott for numerous years. They’ve collaborated on applications that assist Wilder face off towards particular person opponents and max out his agility, velocity, and uncooked energy.

“I’m simply very totally different from the typical fighter and so I practice in another way than the typical fighter,” Wilder tells Males’s Journal. “That’s why I’m capable of do a number of issues. While you take a look at me, I’m large, however I’m agile and cell, so it makes me versatile within the ring and capable of transfer round. When you’ve gotten the flexibleness to maneuver across the ring like I can, you don’t get as drained. I work on the fundamentals loads, and I do a number of sparring as a part of my camps. I additionally like to make use of swimming and water exercises as a part of my coaching.”

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Right here’s a take a look at one of many agility exercises Wilder incorporates in his coaching: 

Wilder is about to get again within the ring for probably the most anticipated matches of the 12 months: After combating to a break up draw again in December 2018, Wilder is matching up with Tyson Fury for a rematch, this time in Las Vegas on Feb. 22.

(Notice: Modify the weights, units, and reps in your means. As Wilder stated, he’s not the typical individual—or boxer.)

Deontay Wilder’s Four-Day Exercise Program:

Directions: Earlier than every exercise day, Wilder does a dynamic warmup consisting of stretching and motion drills. Do this warmup to prime your physique.


Cone Agility Drills: Arrange two cones three ft aside and transfer laterally across the cones in a circle. “Give attention to lateral motion and stability whereas altering instructions,” says Scott. Carry out 2 units x three reps (one revolution across the cones is 1 rep).

Kind Run Drills: “On the primary set, do foot over ankle motion; for the second set, do foot to shin; and on the third set, do foot over knee,” Scott says. “You need to use the identical cones because the earlier drill for distance.” Carry out three units x Four reps, taking 1 minute relaxation between every rep and Four minutes relaxation between units.

Cool Down/Abs Finisher: Full situps, crunches, Russian twists, woodchops, reverse crunches, and some other core strikes you want. Carry out 200 complete reps.

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Pool Intervals: 

Left Leg Bounds: 1 set x Four laps (1 lap = as soon as throughout the pool) – For an illustration of the leg certain, watch this video.
Proper Leg Bounds: 1 set x Four laps
Double Leg Bounds: 1 set x Four laps (alternate bounds between left and proper)
Cut up Jumps: 1 set x Four laps
Squat Turns: 1 set x Four laps
Wall Leg Kicks: 6 units x three minutes
Cool Down: 6-lap swim


Lively Restoration Day: Physique upkeep, therapeutic massage, and rehab work.

Enter the Ring: the Newbie’s Information to Boxing Exercises


Rudiment Hops: Arrange cones at a snug size aside to make use of for every set. (Go right here and right here for an illustration of Rudiment Hops)

Single Leg Hops: 2 units x 2 reps (every rep must be forwards and backwards)
Double Leg Hops: 2 units x 2 reps
Ahead Hops: 2 units x 2 reps
Sideways Hops: 2 units x 2 reps

Cone Agility Drills (similar from Monday exercise): 2 units x three reps across the cones


Notice: Use the weights-reps-sets-rest vary that’s snug for you

Deep Again Squats: Four units x eight reps
Dumbbell Reverse Lunges (45 lbs): Four units x 10 reps
Deadlifts (225 lbs): Four units x eight reps
Leg Extensions: Four units x 12 reps
Dumbbell Single-Leg Calf Raises (45 lbs): Four units x 10 reps
Single-Leg Leg Press: Four units x 10 reps both sides
Single-Leg Hip Extensions: Four units x 10 reps


Sand Pit Plyometric Strikes: Wilder does these on sand, however you are able to do these on a mat/within the fitness center as nicely. Carry out Four units x 30-sec. rep for every train. Relaxation 1:30 between rounds.

Squat Jumps 
Single-Leg Knee Tuck Hops (30 sec. per aspect)
Squat Jumps
Leaping Lunge (30 sec. per aspect; don’t swap every rep)
Pause Squats
Leg Hops (30 sec. per aspect)
Excessive Knees 


Clear Pulls: Four units x eight reps
Lunge Place Dumbbell Shoulder Press (35 lbs): Four units x eight reps
Dumbbell One-Arm Row (50 lbs): three units x eight reps
Dumbbell Bent Over Row (15 lbs): three units x eight reps
Dumbbell Incline Press (50 lbs): Four units x eight reps
Dumbbell Arm Curls (30 lbs): Four units x eight reps per aspect
Dumbbell Entrance Lateral Raises (15 lbs): three units x eight reps

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